Cosplay is a performance art that consists of dressing up and interpreting characters from pop culture, mainly Japanese, such as anime, manga, games and movies. Many people practice cosplay as a hobby, but others take the activity more seriously and become professional cosplayers, participating in events, contests and even earning money with it.
But what are the advantages and challenges of being a professional or amateur cosplayer? In this article, we are going to explore some aspects of this practice that can be fun, creative and challenging at the same time.

Advantages of being a cosplayer

Express your passion for the characters you admire and identify with, honoring them with your costume and interpretation.
Develop artistic skills such as sewing, makeup, modelling, painting, etc. by making your own costumes and accessories.
Meet people who share the same interests as you, make new friends and participate in a welcoming and diverse community.
Have fun, relax and escape the routine, entering a world of fantasy and imagination.
Having opportunities to participate in events, contests, photo shoots, interviews, etc. that can bring recognition, prizes and even income for professional cosplayers.
Challenges of being a cosplayer

Spend time and money on materials, transportation, tickets, accommodation, etc. to carry out your cosplay projects.
Dealing with criticism, prejudice and harassment from people who do not respect or understand cosplay as a form of art and expression.
Experiencing technical difficulties, such as adjustments, repairs, unforeseen events, etc., which may compromise the quality or functionality of your cosplay.
Balancing cosplay with other responsibilities in personal, professional or academic life, without neglecting your commitments or your health.
Overcome shyness, insecurity or fear of exposing yourself in public or on social media with your cosplay.
Being a professional or amateur cosplayer can bring many advantages and challenges for those who dedicate themselves to this art. The important thing is to cosplay with love, respect and fun, without being overwhelmed by difficulties or other people’s opinions. Cosplay is a way to express yourself, have fun, and connect with others who also love pop culture characters. And you, have you ever done or want to cosplay? Tell us in the comments!